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Signature Cargo Pants "Dreamweaver Chronicles"

Signature Cargo Pants "Dreamweaver Chronicles"

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Step into the mystical realm of our Signature Cargo Pants from the Autumn / Winter '23 "Dreamweaver Chronicles"  Collection. Crafted from 97% Cotton and 3% Elastane, these pants exude an aura of enigma and unparalleled comfort.

Featuring an elasticated waistband and flap cargo pockets on the sides and rear, these pants combine utility with intrigue. The 17oz (0.48Kg) weight adds substance, while drawstrings at the waist and bottom hem, including a hidden drawcord, allow you to shape your destiny with each wear.

Above the left-side pocket, our signature logo proudly declares its authenticity, marking these pants as a Certified Signature Product, meticulously made in Portugal.

Dive into the mystic energy of these Cargo Pants and let your style tell a tale of quality and intrigue.

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