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"The Thinker" x "Dreamweaver Chronicles" Obsidian Black

"The Thinker" x "Dreamweaver Chronicles" Obsidian Black

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Delve into the mystic allure of our Dreamweaver Chronicles T-Shirt. This product is a canvas for the enigmatic energy that courses through the collection.

Crafted from 100% Organic Cotton, it possesses a weight of 235GSM, translating to 12oz (0.34Kg) of sheer comfort. The Heavyweight Jersey fabric, coupled with RIB 1X1 with 5% Lycra, creates an oversized fit that radiates style and ease.

With dropped shoulders, this T-Shirt showcases a unique design that complements its oversized fit. It's pre-shrunk up to 3%, ensuring that it retains its form through numerous adventures.

But this T-Shirt isn't just about fashion; it's a statement of environmental responsibility. Crafted from organic cotton grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs, it conserves water and respects ecosystems and biodiversity.

Adorned with a DTG print on both the front and back, this T-Shirt is not just clothing; it's an embodiment of "The Thinker" and a symbol of your inner visionary. Join the mystic journey of fashion with a choice that embraces your identity and the enigmatic power of nature.

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