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“Anubis” Burgundy

“Anubis” Burgundy

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Introducing our exclusive "Anubis" Burgundy Oversized T-Shirt – a tribute to the majestic loyalty and grandeur of Doc Vision's revered canine companion, who embodied the timeless spirit of the great Anubis god.

Much like the ancient deity who guided souls to the afterlife, our oversized t-shirt captures the essence of steadfast devotion and regal demeanor. The deep burgundy hue serves as a canvas for a carefully crafted artwork, a poignant representation of our faithful friend whose memory lives on.

Designed by Dvision's artistic mastery, the intricate painted artwork is a testament to the bond between man and dog – a bond that transcends time and finds its inspiration in the legendary Anubis. This heavyweight signature shirt provides both comfort and style, offering a tangible connection to the unwavering companionship that once graced our lives.


Product Features

  • Crafted with Care
  • 100% Organic Cotton 🌿
  • Premium Quality: 235GSM 🌟
  • 12oz / 0.34Kg of Excellence
  • Luxurious Heavyweight Jersey Fabric
  • RIB 1X1 with 5% Licra for Enhanced Comfort
  • Oversized Fit for Effortless Style
  • Dropped Shoulders for a Contemporary Look
  • Unisex Design for All
  • Pre-shrunk 0-3%: Consistent Fit
  • Eco-Conscious: Sustainably Crafted

Eco-Conscious: Sustainably Crafted: Choose fashion that's aligned with your values. Our commitment to sustainability shines through in every thread, as our organic cotton cultivation method respects ecosystems, conserves water, and supports biodiversity.

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